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Article ID BOOK-178
Format Book
Artist Jah Shakespear
Title Rasta Revelation
Label Willems Uitgevers
Year 2021
Country NL - Netherlands
Quality m
Remarks In Kingston, Jamaica, Ras Fire is murdered, a Dutch Rasta man with very special characteristics. An ordinary robbery, according to the police, but Johan Bode is skeptical. He knows that Ras Fire had big plans in Jamaica. With the elders of Mystical Roots he wanted to bring Rastafari back to the roots of the movement and create unity amongst all mansions. Johan travels to Jamaica to investigate the case on the spot. It's a trip full of natural mystic, to the beat of reggae music, infused with numerous well adapted songs. Gradually the history of the most influential black freedom movement of the twentieth century unfolds. Step by step Johan reveals the truth behind the murder of Ras Fire. He finds the perpetrator and follows him to the Promised Land, Ethiopia. Rasta Revelation is a spiritual novel, a crime mystery interwoven with a tight historical storyline that supports the quest of the main character. Not so much the perpetrator as the motif is the driving force behind the story. The revelation from the title applies just as much to the solution of the murder as to the secrets of Rastafari.

Jah Shakespear (a.k.a. Karel Michiels) is a veteran in reggae country. He plays the music as a DJ, live and on the radio, and has written hundreds of articles and three books on reggae music and Rastafari.
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