Record Grades

m stock copy unplayed ex to mint stock copy
m new and unplayed
ex+ almost unplayed, as new
ex(+) between ex and ex+
ex very slight surface noises
ex(-) between ex- and ex
ex- more surface noise
vg+ no noticable depreciation of sound quality
vg(+) between vg and vg+
vg noticable surface noises
vg(-) between vg- and vg
vg- heavy surface noises
poor record in very bad condition, for collectors only
wol writing on label
swol small writing on label
woc writing on cover
swoc small writing on cover
noc no original center
ld label damaged
sld slight label damaged
swarp small warp
nap not affect playing
re re-issue
ss still sealed
nc no cover
pic picture cover

LP and CD grading: Cover/Record (cover graded first)