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Article ID CD-8810
Format 2x CD
Artist Various Artists
Title Rise Jamaica: Jamaican Independence Special
Track list
Pos. Sample Artist Title Riddim Remarks
1 MP3 sample Al T. Joe Rise Jamaica (Independence Time is Here)
2 MP3 sample Jimmy Cliff Miss Jamaica (with The Beverley's All-Stars)
3 MP3 sample Owen Gray My One Desire (with The Sonny Bradshaw Quartet)
4 MP3 sample Drumbago's All Stars Duck Soup (with Duke Reid's Group)
5 MP3 sample The Beltones Gloria (Love)
6 MP3 sample Roy & Patsy My Happy Home (with Hersang & His Combo)
7 MP3 sample Derrick Morgan The Hop (with The Beverley's All-Stars)
8 MP3 sample Stranger Cole & Patsy Todd Let's Go to the Party (with Duke Reid's Group)
9 MP3 sample Owen Gray Darling Patricia (with The Beverley's All-Stars)
10 MP3 sample Jimmy James Bewildered and Blue (with Hersang & His Combo)
11 MP3 sample Derrick Morgan & Patsy Todd Love Not to Brag (with Duke Reid's Group)
12 MP3 sample Lloyd Clarke Love You the Most (with The Beverley's All-Stars)
13 MP3 sample Rupert Edwards Just Because (with Smithie's Sextet)
14 MP3 sample The Prodigals Prodigal Son (with Duke Reid's Group)
15 MP3 sample Derrick Morgan Be Still (with The Beverley's All-Stars)
16 MP3 sample Lloyd Clarke Love Me or Leave Me
17 MP3 sample Roland Alphonso Easter Bonnet (with Duke Reid's Group)
18 MP3 sample Owen Gray Nobody Else (with The Jets)
19 MP3 sample Derrick Morgan Forward March (with The Beverley's All-Stars)
20 MP3 sample Lloyd Clarke & Smithie's Sextet Good Morning
21 MP3 sample Don Drummond's Group Twelve Minutes to Go (with Duke Reid's Group) [1962 Version]
22 MP3 sample Jimmy Cliff Hurricane Hattie (with The Beverley's All-Stars)
23 MP3 sample Owen Gray Midnight Track
24 MP3 sample Derrick Morgan & Patsy Todd Housewife's Choice (with The Beverley's All-Stars)
25 MP3 sample Lord Creator Independent Jamaica (with The Joe Williams Orchestra)
26 MP3 sample Roland Alphonso Chick Chick (with Duke Reid's Group)
27 MP3 sample Stranger Cole & Ken Boothe Power (Take 2) [with Duke Reid's Group]
28 MP3 sample Frank Cosmo & Denzil Dennis Baby Please Don't Go (with Duke Reid's Group)
29 MP3 sample Hortense Ellis Midnight Train (Take 1) [with Duke Reid's Group]
30 MP3 sample Derrick Morgan & Patsy Todd Feel So Fine (Take 1 ) [with Duke Reid's Group]
31 MP3 sample Roland Alphonso Neck Tie (Take 2) [with Duke Reid's Group]
32 MP3 sample The Charmers Little Angel (with Duke Reid's Group)
33 MP3 sample Stranger Cole & Ken Boothe Come Over Baby (with Duke Reid's Group)
34 MP3 sample Frank Cosmo & Denzil Dennis Lollipop I'm in Love (Take 3) [with Duke Reid's Group]
35 MP3 sample The Prodigals Bye Bye Baby (with Duke Reid's Group)
36 MP3 sample Roland Alphonso As Teardrops Fall (with Duke Reid's Group)
37 MP3 sample Derrick Morgan & Patsy Todd Marianne (Take 1) [with Duke Reid's Group]
38 MP3 sample The Charmers Mow Sen Wa (with Duke Reid's Group)
39 MP3 sample The Duke Reid All Stars Herring Bone (with Duke Reid's Group)
40 MP3 sample Basil Gabbidon Ben Johnson Day (Take 1) [with Duke Reid's Group]
41 MP3 sample Frank Cosmo At the Party (Take 3) [with Duke Reid's Group]
42 MP3 sample Roland Alphonso & Duke Reid's Group Double Six
43 MP3 sample Jerry McCarthy Crazy Girl (with Duke Reid's Group)
44 MP3 sample Derrick Morgan Joy Bells (Take 3) [with Duke Reid's Group]
45 MP3 sample Roland Alphonso Honeycomb (with Duke Reid's Group)
46 MP3 sample Stranger Cole & Patsy Todd This Is Love (Take 2) [with Duke Reid's Group]
47 MP3 sample Frank Cosmo Have Mercy Baby (with Duke Reid's Group)
48 MP3 sample Stranger Cole & Ken Boothe Straight Home (I'm Going Home) [with Duke Reid's Group]
49 MP3 sample Duke Reid's Group Woodchoppers Ball (Mellow Champagne) [Take 2]
50 MP3 sample Frank Cosmo & Denzil Dennis I'm Gone (with Duke Reid's Group)
Style(s) Reggae
Label Trojan TRDCD 604
Year 2022
Country GB - United Kingdom
Quality m/m
Price EUR 16.61
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