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Article ID LP-13356
Format LP
Artist Various Artists
Title King Tubby's Prophecies Of Dub
Track list
Pos. Sample Artist Title Riddim Remarks
1 MP3 sample The Prophets Fair Lady
2 MP3 sample The Prophets Babylon Red
3 MP3 sample The Prophets South West Block
4 MP3 sample The Prophets Tear Gas In Waterhouse
5 MP3 sample The Prophets Traditin Skank
6 MP3 sample The Prophets Earth Fear
7 MP3 sample The Prophets Black Out
8 MP3 sample The Prophets Serious Rebellion
9 MP3 sample The Prophets Gun Man From Waterhouse
10 MP3 sample The Prophets Bad Man Skank
11 MP3 sample The Prophets Passing Through
12 MP3 sample The Prophets Was Alive
Style(s) Dub, Reggae
Label Pressure Sounds PSLP105
Year 1976
Country GB - United Kingdom
Quality m/m re
Remarks 'King Tubby's Prophecies Of Dub' almost looks like an album that was designed to confuse record collectors and dub enthusiasts. Firstly, the record carries nearly the same title as a slightly earlier release - also produced by Vivian Jackson, aka Yabby You. Yabby You: "First we do 'King Tubby's Prophecy Of Dub', it come just after my first vocal LP. Then there was 'King Tubby's Prophecies Of Dub' that was mixed by Pat Kelly, who was working at Tubby's at the time." Pat Kelly: "Well fortunately Yabby You put my name (on it). I think I made them three one night, and then another week also he come back and do another three, and so it was done over some period of time. Yabby was with me most of the time, but I was always left to do what I wanted with the mix." Secondly, King Tubby is named in the title, but the rear sleeve states that the album had 'Pat Kelly at the control'. This is more understandable, as the record was mixed at Tubby's studio and carries its signature sound. After 1975, Tubby had partly stepped back from mixing work, but was still credited with most of the music coming out of his studio. And thirdly, further confusion comes from the fact that most of the backing tracks used were not actually produced by Yabby, but belonged to Bunny 'Striker' Lee.Bunny Lee: "Yabby You and Pat Kelly go behind my back and make it up. Me never even know about it till years later when Steve Barrow bring it to my attention. But it was my riddims and they used them."Bunny stored his multitrack tapes in a big wardrobe in the studio, allowing King Tubby to cut dubplates from them to be played in the dances. Whether due to a misunderstanding or some long forgotten agreement, it was these 4-track tapes that Yabby presumably felt entitled to use to create this LP.The two producers had shared backing tracks before, with Yabby recording Tommy McCook's sublime 'Death Trap' over one of Bunny's rhythms, and Bunny had long acted as a mentor to Yabby.
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