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Article ID LP-13652
Format 2x LP
Artist Volodia
Title Panorama
Track list
Pos. Sample Artist Title Riddim Remarks
1 MP3 sample Volodia Rêver Seul
2 MP3 sample Volodia Angle de Vie
3 MP3 sample Volodia Fais le Bien
4 MP3 sample Volodia Demain
5 MP3 sample Volodia Mirages
6 MP3 sample Volodia Ma Bulle
7 MP3 sample Volodia Parapluie
8 MP3 sample Volodia Second Souffle
9 MP3 sample Volodia Ça Roule
10 MP3 sample Volodia Ciao Bye Bye
11 MP3 sample Volodia Mieux à Deux
12 MP3 sample Volodia Vivant
13 MP3 sample Volodia Humain
Style(s) Reggae, Dancehall
Label Baco Records LVOL2LP
Year 2020
Country EU - European Union
Quality m/m
Remarks After a first very noticed album released in 2016 Volodia
returns with his new Panorama project. He plunges us in a
new poetic urban pop far from his first Hip-Hop Reggae
loves but keeping his flow between rap and song having
an excellent command of this large gap.
Modern self-made man Volodia is a multi disciplinary artists
of many facets, one of those people who always wants
to create and learn more. Sound engineer, producer,
photographer, musician singer and passionate by video
and images in general, with his next album he wanted
to take a picture of the present moment. Image serving
music or music serving images, one cannot have one
without the other in a too much rapid world. Image and
music to mark a time and let Volodia express himself with a
fresh and perceptive eye, with his own rich productions.
No music without lyrics, poetry or message. So Volodia puts
his whole soul and talent on it. With some just and poetic
words, he knows how to be alarming but positive, dreamer
but not too much, well, he’s human. Three first singles
from his new album already released on all platforms
and on videos too: “Panorama Live Sessions” shouted in
supernatural sets with special taste and simplicity. A new
album which should reveal this raw talent just waiting to be
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