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Article ID LP-14487
Format 2x LP
Artist Danakil
Title Rien Ne Se Tait
Track list
Pos. Sample Artist Title Riddim Remarks
1 MP3 sample Danakil Rendez-nous La Justice
2 MP3 sample Danakil Imaginez
3 MP3 sample Danakil WTTJ
4 MP3 sample Danakil Rien Ne Se Tait
5 MP3 sample Danakil Monde De Fous
6 MP3 sample Danakil Se Perdre
7 MP3 sample Danakil Marre
8 MP3 sample Danakil Ensemble
9 MP3 sample Danakil Tout Ça M'est Égal
10 MP3 sample Danakil Terrasse Thérapie
11 MP3 sample Danakil Oublions
12 MP3 sample Danakil La Famille
13 MP3 sample Danakil Life Goes On
Style(s) Reggae
Label Baco Records LDAN6LP
Year 2021
Country FR - France
Quality m/m
Remarks 20 years of music.
What a great step in a band's life! Almost 1000 shows and
150 000 albums sold, sold out venues, unusual travels, plenty
of festivals… Danakil musicians have lived so many collective
adventures and experiences! One day, these cheerful high
school friends set themselves the unlikely challenge to start
a reggae band from scratch. They each picked an instrument
and booked rehearsal slots at the local youth club. Little by
little, Danakil have managed to craft their music with the skills
and inspirations of each member of the band, playing in the
pure tradition of the Jamaican roots of reggae and singing in
Moliere’s mother tongue. 20 years later, the band has played
on the biggest festivals’ stages in Europe! Despite the success,
they’ve kept cool and share a unique and natural bond with
their fans and audience each time they play live, just as they
did when they started their career. This special vibe has
undoubtedly contributed to their success and raised them at
the top of the French reggae scene, distinguishing themselves
with their unique sound and imprinting French reggae with the
seal of independence and militantism.
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