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Artist Title Riddim Label Ctry Year Quality Fmt. Price
Details MP3 samples
Silly Walks Meets Patrice Truly Majestic (Album, Live Version)   Silly Walks DE 2004 m 12 10.88 cart
  Silly Walks Meets Patrice Everyday Good (Ballad Version)/Home (Acapella)
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Sista Sherin / Sista Kaya Inity / Fire   Debtera 005 DE 2012 m 12 9.34 cart
  Trulaikes Dry And Heavy Dub / True Dub
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Stranger Cole / Leroy Heptones The Time Is Now / Revolution Tight Spot Wackies W210 DE 1978 m re 12 21.98 cart
  Bullwackies All Stars Take Time Tight Spot
Details MP3 sample Sugar Minott Wicked Ah Go Feel It Real Rock Wackies W-589 DE 1983/2002 ex+ re 12 19.78 cart
MP3 sample Horace Andy Musical Episode
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Tanya Stephens / Ginja Forever / Songs Of Melody   Silly Walks DE 2002 ex+ 12 10.99 cart
  Lobstarr / Lutan Fyah+Turbulence Too Sweet / Burn Dem Down
Details MP3 sample Tony Jackson / Itopia Mother I Love You / Mothers Dub   Wackies W158 DE 1981 m re 12 12.36 cart
MP3 sample Jah B / Wackies Rhythym Force Vampire / Version
Details MP3 sample Wayne Jarrett Youth Man Youthman/Green Bay Wackies W181 DE 1980/2014 m re 12 26.37 cart
MP3 sample Glen Brown Youth Man Version Youthman/Green Bay
Details MP3 sample Adala & Chalart58 ft Matah Soundsystem / Dubsystem   La Panchita PRV00048 ES 2019 m 12 14.18 cart
MP3 sample Adala & Chalart58 La Musica / La Musica Dub
Details MP3 sample Barry Brown It A Go Dread (Extended)   Golden Gems Records ES 1978/2021 m/m re 12 13.57 cart
MP3 sample King Jammy It A Go Dub / It A Go Dread (Version)
Details MP3 sample Bernardo El Tranquillo / Roberto Sanchez You Haffi Dread / You Haffi Dub   Candid Records CAN001 ES 2019 m 12 11.15 cart
MP3 sample Empress Hoosk / El Tranquillo & R Sanchez Life / Version
Details MP3 sample General Levy / Daddy Freddy Never Never / Dem No Real Rat A Cut Bottle Revolutionary Brothers Music ES 2020 m 12 12.26 cart
MP3 sample YT / Irregular Charlie Mission / Rat A Cut Bottle Melodica Extended Rat A Cut Bottle
Details MP3 sample Harny Roots ft Baodub & Jah Wind Mash The Dance Up / Horns   La Panchita PRV00089 ES 2021 m 12 13.87 cart
MP3 sample Baodub Dub The Dance Up / Steppa Mix
Details MP3 sample Jay Smilee & Coronel Brown Vampire Killah / Dub   Cool Up SE 1658 2019 ES 2021 m 12 15.38 cart
MP3 sample Jay Smilee Vs Longfingah Jahdouken / Dub
Details MP3 sample Johnny Clarke Come Away (Discomix)   Lana Sounds LSS005 ES 2020 m 12 9.95 cart
MP3 sample Payoh SoulRebel Fiyah Burn (Discomix)
Details MP3 sample Rod Taylor ft Ranking Joe His Imperial Majesty / Dub His Imperial Majesty Imperial Sound Army ISA12001 ES 2023 m 12 13.57 cart
MP3 sample Danny Red / Imperial Sound Army His Majesty / Version His Imperial Majesty
Details MP3 sample Zu-Zu Winner Swing Easy Bebo's Music/Golden Gem ES   m re 12 13.57 cart
MP3 sample Version
Details MP3 sample Abeng / Roberto Sanchez Sun Will Rise / Moonshine Dub   Dig This Way DTWM04 EU 2022 m 12 14.37 cart
MP3 sample Abeng / Roberto Sanchez Eastern Lights / Dub
Details MP3 sample Adioa Toubab Bile   Secousse SEC016 EU 1987/2023 m re 12 16.48 cart
MP3 sample Fatelikul (Toubab Bile Dub)
Details MP3 sample Akae Beka & Fikir Amlak / Paolo Baldini DubFiles meets Imperial Sound Army Banton / Banton Dub   La Tempesta Dub LTDUB12-002 EU 2020 m 12 21.98 cart
MP3 sample Benji Revelation & Dan I / Paolo Baldini DubFiles meets Imperial Sound Army Mighty Negus / Dub
Details MP3 samples
Allo / Maraz United We Stand / One Way Run   Radio Fontani EU 2017 m 12 12.36 cart
  Leila & Franz / Savana / Fiaba Love For Music / Faraway Journey / Faraway Dub
Details MP3 sample Alpha D & Sersha R Honesty / Dub   Walking Mess WMR1202 EU 2021 m 12 12.36 cart
MP3 sample Alpha D / Welders HiFi Meldub Melodica Love / Dub
Details MP3 samples
Amelia Harmony Rise And Shine / Dub   Crystal Image EU 2016 m 12 8.13 cart
  Tampanae, Kuki Blaze I Would Climb The Mountain / Mek Use Of Yourself / Riddim
Details MP3 samples
AMJ Meets RSD Heartbeat Version / Heartbeat   AMJ RSD EU 2014 m 12 9.64 cart
  AMJ Meets RSD Blue Mountain Dub / Blue Mountain Side
Details MP3 sample Anthony B / Skarra Mucci African Love / Real African Africa We Want To Go Conquering Records CRV-005 EU 2020 m 12 12.79 cart
MP3 sample Natty Jean / Sir Jean Dafa Doy / Alkebulan Children Africa We Want
Details MP3 sample Anthony B ft Lutan Fyah Keep On Trying / Instrumental   11-7 Records LRWISE001 EU 2020 m 12 12.36 cart
MP3 sample Dubmatix Remix / Horns Dub
Details MP3 samples
Anthony Johnson & Vibronics Rasta Take Over / Dub   Digi Signa 81 EU 2016 m 12 9.04 cart
  Vibronics Future Dub / Vocal Cut
Details MP3 sample Arkaingelle Powah Of The Trinity / Dub   Habeshites EU 2018 m 12 11.15 cart
MP3 sample Biblical Rasta Covenant / Dub
Details MP3 sample Armin ft Mannaroman / Sax N Dub / Armin Praise Jah / Irie Sax / Version   Armin Dub OTRSGY01 EU 2023 m 12 14.18 cart
MP3 sample Armin ft Mannaroman / Armin Rasta Nah Brute / Irie Melodica / Version
Details MP3 sample Ashanti Selah & Bukkha The Valleys   Scorcher Hi Fi SH006 EU 2020 m 12 10.68 cart
MP3 sample Ashanti Selah & Bukkha Into The Shadows / Out Of The Hills
Details MP3 sample Awa Fall / Leo Liners Mama Never Born No Fool / Fool Sax   Earth Resistance ERDS005 EU 2022 m 12 13.87 cart
MP3 sample Galas / Baro Chantin' / Civilisation
Details MP3 sample Babbajah / Unlisted Fanatic Come To Jah / Run Come Dub   Vibe Generator VGR003 EU 2020 m 12 11.46 cart
MP3 sample Saimn I / Moonshine Horns Higher Intention / Horns For Jah
Details MP3 sample Bakery All Star Send Me That Love / Send Me That Dub Send Me That Love Hornin' Sounds EH-46 EU   m 12 13.85 cart
MP3 sample Send Me That Love (Rockers Take) Send Me That Love
Details MP3 sample Baltimores / Dub Foundry Road To Heaven / Dub   Earth & Power EAP12006 EU 2023 m 12 12.36 cart
MP3 sample Pidduck / Dub Foundry Jah Thunder / Dub
Details MP3 sample Barrington Levy & Darbaz Jah Black   Black Roots EU 1984 m re 12 11.74 cart
MP3 sample Robert Emmanuel Leave Natty Business
Details MP3 samples
Beenie Man,Ms Thing Dude, Dude (Panjabi Hit Squad Mix) Fiesta Virgin EU 2004 ex+ 12 16.48 cart
  Beenie Man,Mya Girls Dem Sugar (Neptunes Remix),Dude (Sticky Refix)
Details MP3 sample Benjammin Never Give Up / Dub   Mystical Rising MR1205 EU 2022 m 12 15.38 cart
MP3 sample Guru Pope Keep Up The Fight / Instrumental
Details MP3 sample Benjammin / Aritiel Courree etc Give Thanks / Ethio Roots Them   Samuel Records SAMREC12001 EU 2019 m 12 12.97 cart
MP3 sample Lone Ark / Hoarang Give Thanks Dub / Binghi Version Whom Shall I Fear
Details MP3 samples
Bionic Singer aka O Madoo Hear Me Name Call   Cubiculo Records 008 EU 2016 m 12 11.15 cart
  Casio Love, Bionic Singer Smuggel Riddim / Extended Dub
Details MP3 sample Black Skull Black Slavery Days   Hornin' Sounds HS-01 EU 1982/2023 m re 12 38.46 cart
MP3 sample Dub
Details MP3 samples
Blackout JA Too Long Victims (Manasseh Vocal), Dub   Digi Signa EU 2016 m 12 9.04 cart
  Blackout JA Too Long Victims (Vibronics Vocal), Dub
Details MP3 samples
Blackout JA, Zion Train Murda We Charge / Zion Train Dub Mix   Digi Signa 82 EU 2016 m 12 9.04 cart
  Turbulence, Zion Train, Numa Crew We Charge / Jungle Mix
Details MP3 sample Blood Shanti World Cry / World Dub   Aba-Shanti-I ABA12011 EU 2018 m 12 12.36 cart
MP3 sample Rainbow City / Rainbow Dub
Details MP3 sample Bounty Killer ft Cocoa Brovaz,Nona Hendryx+Free It's A Party     EU   ex/ex+ 12 13.19 cart
Details MP3 sample Brinsley Forde Wake Up And Live   Old Hard Bread OHB1211 EU 2017/2020 m 12 13.57 cart
MP3 sample Twinkle Roots Sound Instrumental
Details MP3 samples
Broda Nelson / Marcy Thankful / Mystic Roots   Mystical EU 2016 m 12 10.55 cart
  Maia/Mystical Powa Mystic Flute / Mystical Dub
Details MP3 sample Broda Nelson, Mystical Powa Feel Free / Dub   Dreadlocks Arena 001 EU 2018 m 12 9.95 cart
MP3 sample Mandelion, Mystical Powa Rejoyce Greatly / Dub
Details MP3 sample Bunnington Judah Jah Live / Dub   Dubshop NL D502 EU 2019 m 12 12.36 cart
MP3 sample High Elements As Above So Below / Dub
Details MP3 sample Bunny General / Ijektah Chant & Dance / Praise Jahovia / Chant & Dub   Dancehall Tradition DT12001 EU 2019 m 12 12.00 cart
MP3 sample Tenor Youthman / Echo Minott / Injektah Dancehall Traditions / Good Government / Ghost Riddim
Details MP3 sample Chazbo Commandment Of Jah / Dub / Dubplate Mix   Dubshop Nl / Roots Temple DS04 EU 2024 m 12 13.57 cart
MP3 sample Shaka Salute / Dub / Dubplate Mix
Details MP3 samples
Chiliman Blind Eye / Blind Dub   Kapra Dubplates EU 2017 m 12 12.36 cart
  Old John/ Ray P Free Up / Warrior Style Version
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