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Artist Title Riddim Label Ctry Year Quality Fmt. Price
Details MP3 sample Simpleton Bring Dem Come   Colin Fat GB   ex+ 12 3.30 cart
MP3 sample General Pecos Cockey Bully
Details MP3 sample Pinchers Bring Them All / Version Cherry Oh Baby Diamond Music orig! GB 1991 m 12 15.38 cart
MP3 sample Gully General I Want To Make It With You / Version
Details MP3 sample Johnny Osbourne Bring Your Daughter   Tad's US 1982 ex(+)/ex 12 32.97 cart
Details MP3 sample Leroy Mafia Bring Your Love To Me My Time Gussie P 041 GB 1997 m 12 10.99 cart
MP3 sample Leroy Mafia One Drop Jam
Details MP3 sample Colin Lucas Bring Yuh Box And Come   Cocoyea GB   ex+ 12 5.49 cart
MP3 sample Colin Lucas Wuk And Wine
Details MP3 samples
RDK Hi Fi & Jamtone ft Soothsayers Horns Brixton Downbeat / Gentrification   Universal Roots UR12003 GB 2018 m 12 9.34 cart
  Acre Lane Dub / Jimmy Becker Special
Details MP3 sample Frankie Paul Broken Heart Undying Love Digital B GB 1995 m 12 3.30 cart
MP3 sample Edi Fitzroy I Cry Undying Love
Details MP3 sample Stereo Martin Broken Wings   Donman International GB 1990 ex+ 12 21.98 cart
  Broken Wings (Alternative Mix)
Details MP3 sample Alan Kingpin Brother David / David Dub   Jah Militant 011 GB 2018 m 12 10.68 cart
MP3 sample Mad Professor Wise Dub / Power Dub
Details MP3 sample Kountry Boy & T-Mix Brother Done Had It (Shakka Mix II / Kountr's Mix / Instrumental)   THG Music US 1993 ex+ 12 8.79 cart
MP3 sample Snake Pit (Snake Mix / Pit Mix / Instrumental)
Details MP3 sample Henrick Nicholson Brotherly Love   Seven Leaves GB 1978 ex+ 12 65.93 cart
MP3 sample Prodigal Creator West Of Knatchbull
Details MP3 sample Zabandis Brothers And Sisters   People Unite PUZ 1 GB 1986 ex+ 12 16.48 cart
MP3 sample Dub
Details MP3 sample Richie Spice Brown Skin/The Brown Version Heavenly VP 6450   2007 m 12 13.19 cart
MP3 sample Richie Spice Open The Door/Acapella
Details MP3 sample Tez Fa Siyon / Far East / Manjul Bruk E' Chain / Barrier Breaker / Brass   Dub Realms DRS1006 GB 2023 m 12 13.21 cart
MP3 sample Tez Fa Siyon / Far East Buss A Chain Dub / Ilody / Brass Dub
Details MP3 sample Terror Fabulous, Daddy Screw Bruk Wine Butterfly Bruk Wine Butterfly Madhouse GB 1994 m 12 1.10 cart
Details MP3 sample Gospel Fish Brush Dem Gangster Sinbad GB 1992 m 12 10.99 cart
MP3 sample Mackie Ranks The Gallery Gangster
Details MP3 sample OBF ft Eek A Mouse, Charlie P, Killa P Bubble / Bubble Riddim   Dubquake Records OBFREC1215 FR 2020 m 12 11.46 cart
MP3 sample OBF ft Eek A Mouse, Charlie P, Killa P Wagwan / Run Mouse Run / Dub Ah Gwan
Details MP3 sample Morgan Heritage Bubble In The Struggle Get In The Groove / Up Park Camp Xterminator GB 1998 ex+ 12 3.30 cart
MP3 sample Louie Culture Original Days Get In The Groove / Up Park Camp
Details MP3 sample Daddy Horseman & Frederica Tibbs Bubble The Dance / Feel Like Jumping 54-46/Boops Progressive Sound GB 1990 ex+ 12 10.99 cart
MP3 sample Mafia & Fluxy Version 54-46/Boops
Details MP3 sample Dennis Brown Bubbling Fountain (Love Jah) / Dub Bubbling Fountain Ranking Joe RJD12019 GB 1980 m re 12 18.41 cart
MP3 sample Ray Symbolic Dub Special
Details MP3 sample Echo Minott Bubbling She Want   Black Joy 834 GB 1983 ex- swol 12 17.58 cart
MP3 sample U U Madoo Under The Board Warf Heavy Rock
Details MP3 samples
Buccaneer / Ricky General Buccaneer Medley / Virgin Stamp Virgin Greensleeves 550 GB 1996 ex+ 12 19.78 cart
  Jigsy King / Mad Cobra Girls Dem Medley / Tallness Virgin
Details MP3 samples
Prince Allah Bucket Bottom   Freedom Sounds FSD020 GB 1979 m re 12 11.15 cart
  George Fullwood Stop And Think Me Over
Details MP3 sample Red Rat Buddy She Want Ants Nest VP US 1999 m 12 3.30 cart
MP3 sample Madd Anju Wah Dis Fada Ants Nest
Details MP3 sample Powerman Buff Bay   Boomarang GB   m 12 1.10 cart
  Little General Zombie
Details MP3 sample Shinehead Buff Bay   African Love/Electra US 1994 m pic sleeve 12 10.99 cart
MP3 sample Shinehead Reprimand Get A Lick / Billy Jean
Details MP3 sample Bob Marley+Wailers Buffalo Soldier   Tuff Gong/Island US 1983 ex+ swoc 12 54.95 cart
MP3 sample Buffalo Dub
Details MP3 sample Destiny's Child Bug A Boo (Album / Maurice's Xclusive Club Mix)   Columbia COL 667779 8 EU 1999 ex(+)/ex+ 12 13.19 cart
MP3 sample Destiny's Child Gentleman's Revenge (ft Gentleman) / Maurice's Dub Mix
Details MP3 sample Capleton Buggering Buggering African Star GB 1993 ex+ 12 13.19 cart
Details MP3 sample Cronicle+Poison Chang Buggman Must Splurt   Nine Lives 014 GB   ex+ 12 8.79 cart
MP3 sample Ragga G Gangster Game
Details MP3 samples
Luciano,Sizzla / Half Pint Build A Better World / Buss Out Bust Out Greensleeves 573 GB 1997 ex+ 12 13.19 cart
  Lukie D / Glamour Murphy You've Got It Going On / Red Light Bust Out
Details MP3 sample Radikal Guru ft Jay Sparker Build Fire   Moonshine Recordings MS033 PL 2017 m 12 9.95 cart
MP3 sample Dub / Bukkha Remix
Details MP3 sample Peter Tosh Buk-In-Hamm Palace   Rolling Stones 1C 052-63 037 YZ DE 1979 ex(+)/ex 12 24.18 cart
MP3 sample Peter Tosh The Day The Dollar Die / Dubbin In Buk-In-Hamm
Details MP3 samples
Peter Tosh Buk-In-Hamm Palace / Version   Intel-Diplo JM 1979 ex(+) 12 27.47 cart
  Peter Tosh The Day The Dollar Die / Dubbing In Buk-In-Hamm
Details MP3 sample Brian+Tony Gold & Determine / Chevelle Franklin Bulls Eye Pt 2 / Oh Heart Of Mine Who She Love Greensleeves 472 GB 1994 m 12 3.30 cart
  King Jammys Crew Bulls Riddim
Details MP3 sample Tenor Fly Bump & Grind Mr Big Stuff Nine Lives 002 GB 1994 ex+ 12 21.98 cart
MP3 sample Tenor Fly DJ School Mr Big Stuff
Details MP3 sample Billy Cole (Aka Winston Francis) Bump All Night (Lord Echo Edit)   Recreational And Educational/Rocka Shacka JP   m re 12 14.37 cart
MP3 sample Billy Cole (Aka Winston Francis) Smile / Smile Instrumental
Details MP3 sample Sanchez, Stingerman Bumtious Girl / Version Sweet Talking Greensleeves 422 GB 1994 ex+ 12 10.99 cart
MP3 sample Version 2
Details MP3 sample Daddy Freddy / Iron Dubz Bun Babylon / Dub Babylon   Evidence Music 014 CH 2020 m 12 12.66 cart
MP3 sample King Kong / Iron Dubz Serious Time / Serious Dub
Details MP3 samples
Elephant Man Bun Bad Mind Tabernacle VP/Stone Love US 2004 m 12 9.98 cart
  Elephant Man Hate Mi Aollo !!
Details MP3 samples
Elephant Man Bun Dem (Mad People rmx Vol 3 Ep)   Mad People Remix GB   m 12 9.98 cart
  Cobra / Beenie Man Yuh Nuh Like Dat/Bad Man
Details MP3 sample Simpleton / Gringo Bun Him / Antoinette ? / Swing Easy Record Factory 1002 GB 1995 ex(+) 12 8.79 cart
MP3 sample Cobra / Lukie D Slam Good / Over Yu Body
Details MP3 sample Spragga Benz Bun Him And Grieve Him   Colin Fat US 1994 m 12 3.30 cart
MP3 sample Don Youth Natty Career A Pause
Details MP3 sample Donovan Steele+Brown Lion / Computer Paul Bun Power / 007 Version   Boomarang GB   ex+ 12 8.79 cart
MP3 sample Juda/Computer Paul Mr Ressie / Old Mug Version
Details MP3 sample Cocoa Tea Bunn It Down / Bunn It Down Remix   Greensleeves 406 GB 1993 ex+ 12 13.19 cart
MP3 sample Music Works Crew Bunn It Down Riddim
Details MP3 sample Buju Banton Burn Baby Burn In A Dis A Time/Operation Radication Penthouse GB 1993 ex+ 12 3.30 cart
MP3 sample Version
Details MP3 samples
Anthony Que / Jah Massive Allstars Burn Babylon / Burn Babylon Dub / Dub Babylon   Kings Music 001 GB   m 12 9.95 cart
  Dan Corn / Jahzz Word Sound Power / Vers. II / Vers. III
Details MP3 samples
Bounty Killer/ King Kong / Sizzla Burn Da Highest / Legalize It / Keep On Mad Sick Massive B 092 US 2004 m 12 6.59 cart
  Burro Banton / Choppa Chop / Massive B All Stars Ya Dun No / Don't Disturb Dis / Don't Disturb Dis
Details MP3 sample Big Youth Burn Fire Blood And Fire Weed Beat 072 JM 1978 ex-/vg+ 12 43.96 cart
MP3 sample High Frequence Hotter Fire Rasta Clean
Details MP3 sample Ranking Fox / Val Tribulation Burn The Town / Dub   Mountain Top MTR12004 GB 2023 m 12 12.97 cart
MP3 sample Guru Pope / Kara'basse Sound Burn The Sax / Dub
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