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Riddim Index

Riddim Tracks
I 'm Your Man 1
I Admire You 14
I Am Sorry (Bunny Gayle tune) 5
I Am The Ruler 12
I Am The Ruler (Derrick Morgan) 2
I Am The Upsetter 5
I Believe (Derrick Thomas) 2
I Can See Clearly Now 22
I Can't Hide 74
I Can't Stand It 13
I Can't Take It Reggae 6
I Count the Tears 6
I Did It 1
I Do Love You 33
I Don't Care At All 8
I Don't Know Why 5
I Don't Know Why (Truly)/ Stages In Life 11
I Don't Mind 10
I Don't Wanna Lose You 3
I Don't Want To Be A Rude Boy 1
I Don't Want To Be Hurt 4
I Don't Want To Go On Without You (Jackie Bernard) 2
I Don't Want To See You Cry 27
I Forgot To Say I Love You 6
I Forgot To Say I Love You (Bobby and Sly) 5
I Gave You My Word 2
I Got A Feeling (Heptones) 16
I Have A Party (Kenty Spence) 5
I Have Changed (Carlton Alphonso) 5
I Hold the Handle 33
I I 8
I Kissed A Rose 2
I Know Where I Am Going 14
I Like Your World 6
I Love King Selassie (Black Uhuru) 16
I Love You (Derrick Harriott) 1
I Love You Madly 12
I Made A Mistake 5
I Make A Woman 6
I Man A Rasta 5
I Man Bitter 8
I Man Born Ya 6
I May Never See My Baby 15
I Must Achieve What Is Mine 4
I Need Someone 1
I Need Someone (Ethiopians) 1
I Need To Belong To Someone 6
I Need Your Loving // Love and Affection 25
I Remember (Laurel Aitken) 12
I See Your Face 6
I Shall Be Released 33
I Shall Not 1
I Shall Not Remove 19
I Shall Sing 14
I Shot The Sheriff 17
I Should Have Known (Ken Parker) 2
I Still Love You 10
I Wanna Sex You Up 5
I Want Everything 3
I Want To Be Loved 6
I Want To Love You 22
I Want Your Loving (John Holt) 2
I Was Born A Loser 6
I Was Born To Be Loved 69
I Who Have Nothing 3
I Will Find You 4
I Will Get Along Without You 2
I Wish It Would Rain 13
I Wish Your Picture Was You 4
I Would Love You (Linval Thompson) 9
I'll Always Love You 2
I'll Be Around 11
I'll Be Gone (Horace Andy) 2
I'll Be Right There (Techniques) 12
I'll Be There (John Holt) 6
I'll Be Waiting 8
I'll Follow You 3
I'll Never Be Lonely 9
I'll Never Fall In Love 2
I'll Never Fall In Love (Sensations) 18
I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Never Fall In Love With You Again) 23
I'll Never Give Up (Honey Boy Williams) 1
I'm Your Man 2
I'm A Fool For You 6
I'm A Free Man 11
I'm Aware Of Love 9
I'm Going Home 1
I'm Going Home (Errol Dunkley) 5
I'm Gone 9
I'm Gonna Leave You 1
I'm Gonna Live Some Life 7
I'm Gonna Make It 4
I'm Hoping 4
I'm Hurting Inside 2
I'm In Love With A Dread Locks 1
I'm In Love With A Dreadlocks 4
I'm In The Mood For Love 55
I'm In The Mood For Love (US pop standard) 25
I'm In The Mood For Love (US pop standard) 2
I'm Indebted (Eric Donaldson) 7
I'm Just A Guy 186
I'm Just A Guy? 1
I'm Just A Lonely Boy 2
I'm Not A King 33
I'm Restless 3
I'm So Glad (George Faith) 1
I'm So In Love With You 12
I'm Still In Love 66
I'm Still Waiting 31
I'm The One Who Loves You 7
I'm The Toughest 22
I'm Your Man 20
I'm Yours (Delroy Wilson) 4
I've Been Trying 10
I've Been Trying (Heptones) 1
I've Got Sand In My Shoes 1
I've Got To Go Back Home 18
I've Never Found A Girl 1
I’m In The Mood For Love 1
Ickie All Over 2
Idrin Or King 2
If I Can Make It (Bim Sherman) 5
If I Follow My Heart 17
If I Had A Hammer 15
If I Wasn't Black Would I Be White 3
If I Were A Carpenter 28
If I Were A Carpenter (sort of) 2
If It Don't Work Out 30
If Jah Should Come Now (Rod Taylor) 4
If This World Was Mine // Revolution 111
If This World Was Mine // Revolution (similar) 3
If You Can't Beat Them // Way I Feel 12
If You Don't Mind 9
If You Should Lose Me 19
If You Want Good 6
If You Want Me (Dennis Brown) 8
If You're Ready Come Go With Me 23
Ill Na Na 11
Illiteracy 9
Imitator (Early B) 1
In A Dis Ya Time 67
In A Game 3
In Cold Blood 57
In His Own Way 1
In My Heart 10
In Paradise (?) 2
In The Ghetto 2
In The Mood For Love (Carlton Shade) 2
In the Spirit 2
In The Summertime 14
In The Village (Village Of The Underprivileged) 2
In These Last Times 2
Income 1
Innocent Blood 5
Innocent People Cry 2
Instant Comma 3
instrumental for an unreleased Bunny Wailer track called Homeward Bound 1
Invasion (Burning Spear) 13
Investigator 6
Iron Man 2
Is It Because I'm Black 21
Is It Because I'm Black (Lloyd Hemmings) 3
Is It Because I'm Black (Rupie Edwards song) 1
Is It Because I'm Black (Rupie Edwards) 3
Isla Bonita 2
Island In The Sun 26
Israelites 2
Israelites (Poor Me Israelites) 37
It Comes and Goes 8
It May Sound Silly 14
It Might As Well Be Spring 3
It Was Love 12
It's A Jam, It's Impossible 1
It's a Shame 14
It's Alright 2
It's Boaring (It's Boring) 2
It's Gonna Be Wonderful 2
It's Gonna Take A Miracle 40
It's Growing 4
It's Impossible 18
It's My Delight 6
It's Not Unusual 7
It's Not Who You Know 10
It's Raining 79
It's Time For Love (Owen Gray) 2
It's You Baby (Johnny Clarke) 4
It's You I Love 25
It’s Raining 1
Itie Titie Girl 2