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Riddim Index

Riddim Tracks
Ya Ho 15
Yakety Yak 7
Yakety Yak, Melting Pot, CLint Eastwood (medley) 3
Yamaha Ride 4
Yankee Doodle 8
Yaw Yaw 14
Yeah Man 1
Yellow Bird 1
Yellow Taxi 1
Yes Buju 4
Yes Daddy 3
Yim Mas Gan 8
Yo Yo 2
You Are My Angel 11
You Are My Sunshine 1
You Are So Real (Euslin Gregory) 4
You Can Do It Too (Shameface) 2
You Can Get It If You Really Want 1
You Can Never Get Away (Enos McLeod) 10
You Can Run // Musical Transplant 1
You Can't Be Happy 9
You Can't Get Away From It (Gaylads) 2
You Can't Keep Me Down (You Can't Keep A Good Man Down) 1
You Can't Turn Your Back On Me 5
You Can't Wine 16
You Caught Me Right Away 3
You Crummy 1
You Don't Care 131
You Don't Care // Beware 1
You Don't Know 3
You Don't Know (Bob Andy) 2
You Don't Need Me 22
You Don't Remember Me (Kingstonians) 3
You Got To Be Sure (Bunny Lie Lie) 2
You Got To Come Back (Delano Stewart) 12
You Have Caught Me 23
You Heard My Calling 4
You Hurt Me (Euda Jarrett) 6
You Inspire Me 8
You Keep On Running 11
You Know What I Mean 5
You Left The Water Running 8
You Made A Mistake 1
You Make Me So Happy 17
You Mean The World To Me 9
You Mean The World To Me? 1
You Must Believe Me 20
You My Girl 2
You Run Come 3
You Say You Don't Love Me 2
You Send Me 13
You Should Have Known // Tribulation 74
You Should Have Known Better // Tribulation 1
You Should Never Do That 10
You Think I'm A Fool 1
You Touch My Soul 3
You Turned Me Down 2
You Went Away 2
You Wrong (Tony Tuff) 2
You'll Be Sorry 6
You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine 7
You'll Never Get Away (Errol Dunkley) 6
You'll Never Get Away You'll Never Get Away 1
You'll Never Know 1
You'll Never Know (Errol Dunkley) 10
You'll Never Know (Mad Lads) 22
You're A Big Girl Now 13
You're Gonna Need Me 18
You're Mine 3
You're My Baby (Hugh Godfrey) 2
You're My Girl (Shelton Walks) 3
You're No Good (Cornel Campbell) 3
You're No Good (Jackie Opel) 4
You're No Good (Ken Boothe) 3
You're On My Mind 6
You're The One (Winston Samuels) 1
You're Wondering Now 14
You've Got Your Troubles (Desmond Dekker) 1
You've Lost That Loving Feeling 2
Young Africans 2
Young and She Green 8
Young Generation 5
Young Gifted and Black 47
Young Love (Imperials) 1
Young Love (Lloyd Clarke) 18
Your Cups 3
Your Eyes 2
Your Feeling and Mine 6
Your Love (Larry and Alvin) 32
Your Love (Untouchables) 2
Your Love Is Amazing 28
Your Mama Say 2
Your Neighbor Next Door 2
Your New Love 6
Your Number One (Do The Things That Are Right) 2
Your Picture 4
Your Turn To Cry (Melodians) 1
Youth Man (Herman Chin-Loy) 10
Youth Man // Wicked Can't Run Away 60
Youth Of Today (Afriques) 10
Youthman Penitentiary 8
Youths Of Today (Meaning Of Love) (I Don't Know What Is Wrong With The Youths) 5
Yu Dead Now 23
Yush 14